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An independent educational evaluation (IEE) is an evaluation funded by your school district to be conducted by a qualified therapist who is not employed by your school district that can use as a second opinion to your current school-based assessments. Parents have the right to request an IEE from your Individualized Education Program (IEP) team and/or case manager and select the outside provider to conduct the IEE. 

Reasons to seek out an IEE include:

  • You believe your child should qualify for special education services but the school district disagrees. 

  • You're concerned that the evaluation was not detailed enough.

  • You don't agree with the recommendations, goals, or service minutes given by the school district. 

  • You don't feel like your child's needs are being addressed by the school district. 

If you disagree with your school-based assessments, you can request an IEE to provide an unbiased evaluation to determine the following as a part of his or her IEP:

  • Present levels

  • Service goals

  • Service minutes

  • Programs

  • Types of services

A Speech Therapy IEE might include the following:

  • Speech fluency (stuttering)

  • Functional communication

  • Speech clarity

  • Ability to verbally express needs

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) needs

  • Social and pragmatic language and communication skills


Sonia Hiller, MS, CCC-SLP conducts comprehensive speech and language evaluations that include school records review, classroom observation, standardized assessments, informal evaluations, interview with parents and classroom teacher, and a full written report with clear recommendations for goals, frequency, and program development. The evaluation might also include consultation with other service providers (e.g. occupational therapist, physical therapist, psychologist). 

If you disagree with your child's IEP and want to have a second opinion regarding their speech services, contact Sonia for help. 

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