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Private sessions

Free screening 

Ask about free virtual screenings to determine candidacy for speech therapy. Every person has different needs. Depending on those needs, your therapist will discuss if an evaluation is necessary.


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Evaluations may include one or all of the following: review of other evaluations, client/parent interview, interview with other providers, informal measures, and standardized measures. Your therapist will provide a detailed report of his/her findings. Evaluations help us understand a baseline of speech and language abilities.  They can also be a helpful tool to track progress over long periods of time. 


If you qualify for services and you or your loved one hasn't had a formal evaluation within the last year, it is highly recommended to reassess for current strengths and needs.

Private sessions are offered in-home or virtually. Sessions are offered in 55 minute increments.  

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Parent Coaching

Do you have a child with a language delay or a stutter? Do you know how to best support your child's speech and language needs?


Schedule a 30 minute coaching call to ask any questions, learn strategies to use at home, and develop a home program for your child.


Some cases may require more than one session.

We only accept private pay at this time, but your therapist will provide you with a superbill upon request.

Price dependent on services and time spent, please reach out for a quote.

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