Virtually in the states of NY & CA. In-Person at the West Los Angeles location. 

Private sessions

Free screening 

I conduct a free virtual screening to determine candidacy for speech therapy. Every person has different needs. Depending on those needs, I will discuss if an evaluation is necessary.


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Evaluations may include one or all of the following: review of other evaluations, client/parent interview, interview with other providers, standardized measures. I will provide a detailed report of my findings. Evaluations help me understand a baseline of speech and/or language abilities.  They can also be a helpful tool to track progress over long periods of time. 


If you qualify for services and you or your loved one hasn't had a formal evaluation within the last year, it is highly recommended to talk to Sonia about one.

Evaluation prices vary from $250 to $350

Private sessions are offered in-home or in-clinic at the Venice location. Sessions are offered in 35 minute and 55 minute increments.  

Price dependent on services and time spent, please reach out for a quote.

We are only accepting private pay at this time.